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Where is my email?

That depends on how and what email software you are using on your computer or device. When email addressed to you come to the HDG server 3 thing happen.

  1. Email sender’s server is checked against a server blacklist. If it is found on the list, the email is rejected. A notice is sent to the sender to let them know their server is blacklisted and to take appropriate action.
  2. The email is check with our spam filtering system. If the email has been identified as spam it is moved to your spam folder. No notice is given to the sender or recipient. It is up to you to check your spam folder from time to time. Many email softwares can be setup to sync the spam folder with the server’s spam folder, but it is best to log into your webmail and check it there.

If the email passes these 2 test the email is delivered to your inbox. If you want to bypass the first 2 checks and have the email go right to your inbox, you will have to add the sender's email address to your whitelist. You can access your whitelist by loging into your web hosting control panel at http://plesk12.hdgrouponline.com:8443

If you still can not find your email, there is a good chance that it is on one of your devices. Most email software is setup to download the email off of the server. So if you have your smartphone on it is constantly downloading your email. When you go to the office and check your email from your computer, nothing is there.

There are settings in most email software that will allow you to sync your email between all devices. You should contact your IT professional to find the settings that are best for you.

Your webmail can be accessed at http://webmail.[yourdomain.com]